Suprapubic Catheter

Had a nightmare of a Tuesday 9th. Catheter became blocked around 6pm pain was incredible. It had only been changed 2 weeks ago. What causes it to block I don`t know (forgot to ask)

Called 111 and after a dozen questions they past my details over to the night shift team of our district Nurses. They called me shortly after and then turned up only an hour later, lucky I had a spare Catheter at home. Once it was changed relief was immediate.

I was very impressed with the service I got. Could of been a total nightmare had it not been dealt with so soon. Thank you NHS.


Sorry to hear about your problem.

Usually its Encrustation the build up of salt and minerals from urine can block it.

Also Bacterial infection can be a problem. Even worse,

Blood clots and kidney stones can cause it as well.

Best get checked out.


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Hi, I take a cranberry tablet every day to help keep my bladder clean.

I have it changed 4 weekly, but do see quite a bit of ;stuff; going down the tube.

Drink LOTS of tap water, to keep it flushed.


Have things improved for you and do you have any experience of bladder spasms? I had to be swapped from a latex one, that I wasn’t tolerated, to a silicon one
Thanks Sleepy