Supplements and 5-HTP

Hi all, Im new to this so please excuse me until I get used to it. I was only diagnosed in 2021 after a really bad flare-up. After the MRI and lumbar Puncture I was diagnosed with RRMS. Things have settled a little bit since my diagnosis but I’m still really struggling to live a ‘normal’ life, (whatever normal is) I’m still a bit wonky but one of my main issues is fatigue. I do the slightest thing physical and I’m in bed exhausted with fatigue. Obviously my diagnosis is still pretty fresh and I’m still coming to terms with it but I am struggling with depression because the last flare-up took away every bit of my working life and I had to stop studying Horticulture and Garden design due to brain fog and fatigue. I take vit D, B12, B6 + lion’s mane hoping it will clear my head so I can get back to things but at a slower, less physical pace. I have just ordered 5-HTP to see if boosting my serotonin will help. Has anyone tried this before and did it help? Or does anyone have any advice to do with MS and 5-HTP. I would literally do anything to clear this brain fog and to get my memory back, so I’m trying anything and everything at the moment. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all, N.B

Hi Natureboy

Is there an MS Centre providing oxygen therapy near you? (Our centres | Multiple Sclerosis National Therapy Centres)

I find that oxygen therapy helps with fatigue mostly, balance, pain and cognitive issues. Its worth a try at least.

Also, what level of Vit D3 are you on?

Hi TheresaB, I have just found one one not that far away from me. It says ‘Home of the South Wales MS Therapy Centre’ and they provide oxygen therapy. So I’ll try giving them a call tomorrow. Thank you. D

Hi TheresaB. Thanks for getting back to me. I’m not sure about the oxygen therapy, I’m in Swansea so there must be something in the County of Swansea area and I’d try anything TBH. I’m taking 4000IU per day. I normally take it first thing in the morning but when I had my diagnosis flare-up I was taking it before bed and found that I wasn’t hitting the walls or catching the door frames as hard in the morning. So I’m not quite sure what time is best.

I’ll take a look into oxygen therapy now. Thanks again for the advice. D

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I m taking Lions Mane capsules and it’s really helped with the peripheral neuropathy in my toes, clarity and energy levels but it took a while to have any effect.
I actually live in SE Wales and I ve never heard of the MS centre

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