Hi, been to see the new Tom Hanks film. That guy can’t make a bad film!

He played the pilot who landed an airliner on the Hudson river after he had a flock of birds hit. Great movie!

Anyway the point of my post is this…

One passenger was a wheelchair user, who wasn’t in the aisle seat btw, was one of the last off and I couldn’t help thinking, ‘What if that was me?’

I am going to Jersey next week, by air and know I’ll be placed in the aisle seat!!

It hasn’t put me off…that last time I took a flight was 50 years ago!!! I guess we don’t have to flap our arms anymore to take off innit?


I totally agree Poll. You just know it’s going to be a great film if he is in it.

As for the flight etc, well I believe if it’s your time to go then that is that! There will be no avoiding it!

Cheerful little souls aren’t we, eh?! x

Correction alert…

It’s next YEAR I go to Jersey, not next week!


Not ideal pre-flight entertainment, Poll.

I have not seen the film yet (looking forward to it), but today read an astonishing press article about what happened that day and I needed a little lie down even after just reading it!