Suggestions for carrots

Hi everyone just a silly question or is it just stupid me ,my shopping has just come and i have received a lot of carrots i thought i had ordered 3 single carrots as i always do but know i have ordered 3 kg any suggestions for excess carrots would be very grateful .

Have a good week everyone can i send anyone some carrots. Katy.

Too late now, but couldn’t you have just sent them back? Normally, you can refuse anything, for any reason, even if it was your mistake - and you won’t be charged for it.

I think I’d rather have made do without carrots than accept 3Kg of them!

As for what to do with them, well you can use any spare root vegetable to bulk out soups and stews. Grated in salads? Raw as a healthy snack (instead of an apple)? Make sticks and serve with a dip? Carrot cake? Roasted vegetables?

Then there’s the old tried-and-tested boiling.


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Oh, I forgot stir-fry - they stir-fry alright. But you’d need something else with them. Carrot stir-fry by itself (well, with meat, obviously) doesn’t sound too exciting…


Carrot and coriander soup and freeze it. It’s a favourite in this house and home made is the best so I do this from time to time.



put them on e-bay?

Rabbits !!

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Blanche and freeze 'em

Grated carrots are great for getting rid of tired circles under the eyes.


Bin them, while I normally hate to waste food sometimes it’s just a waste of energy and stressful trying use up an excess, you will just exhaust yourself and have a mound of washing up.

ann x

Eat them raw, as you would an apple.

e-bay and rabbits were my favourite answers!

most droll

i was going to say soup but lots of people have said that.

carole x

You could be super planned, and make loads of carrot chutney, bottle it up, and hey presto: that’s everybody’s Christmas presents sorted : ) Chutney lasts pretty much forever, so it’ll happily keep till then.


Thank you all i have managed to give some to my neighbour and as we live near the new forest my husband has suggested we leave some for the ponies to find and eat as i know they don’t like you feeding them by hand , or perhaps soup sounds a better idea in case we get in trouble.

Thank you and hope the rest of the week finds you all feeling ok. Katy.

juice / roast / cake

Non-sexist snow person’s noses

what’s up doc?

i have permanent tired circles/ suitcases under my eyes so am willing to try anything. i assume as you grate them it is a topical rather than edible application??? advice appreciated please, as i am looking like i am smuggling spare eye-balls!

cheers fluffyollie

loving this thread- a bit like viz’s ‘top tips’.

sew onto an old pair of gloves and you have a safe freddy kruger alternative to metal finger-knives OR

cut the tops flat off ten of them, get a brussels sprout ball and hey presto- your own mini vegetable version of ‘ten pin bowling’

i think a lack of sleep is starting to affect me…

Please don’t chortle at this post,'cos you know what could happen.


Nice to see you back Wb.

I must admit when I saw this thread I thought where’s Wb when we need him!! Bet you are having to restrain yourself with an appropriate reply (if you know what I mean). Lol.

Sorry Katy I can’t add to any of the replies you have had. You could always get yourself a donkey or donate them to a donkey sanctuary near you.

Shazzie xx

…but why on earth would you just order 3 carrots in the first place?