Suddenly realised! NHS reforms

My Aussie friend asked me how much we pay for Lyrica in this country (it costs a mint out there) and whilst explaining prescriptions here, ie £7 - £8 each or £100 up front and as many prescriptions as you need. It dawned on me that if your GP becomes responsible for budget, then drugs will become harder to get. If doctors can fob us off with cheaper drugs, (I know they already do up to a point). Drugs such as Lyrica may be just as hard to get as Sativex. It does make me wonder if the people making decisions on this have decided that there’s a perfectly reasonable alternative - Cannibis.

Am I being very negative thinkin this way?? One friend who can’t get Sativex has said that he doesn’t want to use cannabis as he has given up smoking but if he did smoke it presumably he would not be nagging his doctors.

I think we will have to wait and see what happens. What drugs are available where you live is down to the post code lottery now, it is just likely that this will now be a much more local affair i.e. down to which commissioning GP consortium that is making the decisions rather that area wide PCT decisions.

One think is certain though, they are taking £20B out of the NHS budget and the reorganisation will cost something which will also come off what is spent on patients. Allegedly the new system will make up for this by being more efficient. Well if you believe that then it will be OK, I don’t however.

I agree with you David!

This rather proves my point, unfortunately!

This is not party political it just seems to me QE is wasting money; yes it is the answer but there doing the wrong thing with it.

I think everyone is in agreement growth is needed. Growth only happens when business earns money. Instead of giving it to banks to lend to businesses give every person who earns below £60,000 per year £2000 cost about £25 billion. They will go out spend the money on whatever creating growth.

This is in the short term to give a jolt to the economy. In the long term the Robin Hood Tax

Don’t give me that rubbish about these important bankers would move to another Country; Prudential is doing it anyway. Just make legislation that if any bank does move they will not be allowed to sell in the UK.

It just stuck me; with QE £225 billion has been made by the Bank of England to give to various banks. They in turn lend to businesses and charge a hefty interest rate; who gets that interest? If it’s the bank they are getting a lot of money from free money given to them.

Sorry; I know the question was about the price of drugs and the NHS; but this would obviously solve this problem.