Postcode Lottery

If anyone else is as frustrated as me by the apparent “postcode” lottery when it comes to access to drugs such as Sativex, Fampridine, LDN etc, perhaps you would care to spend 5 minutes competing this questionnaire accessed by the link below:

The results go to the MS campaigns team so perhaps all our voices might generate some action.

(You can ask for your results to be kept anonymous if desired)

Hi, dont think I can do the quiz as I dont have MS anymore!!!

But good luck to all who try for right meds to be available wherever they are.

luv Pollx

I never knew there was a postcode lottery where LDN is concerned - since it is not approved by NICE for treating MS.

Anyone with the money can get a private prescription and then order from the pharmacist in Scotland - and it is really not that dear.

Fampridine is another matter alltogether - some PCTs will not fund it (claiming that it costs too much for the benefit obtained). Some Neuros will not even offer the free trial (yes, the first month is free, including the two week trial), knowing that if it does work for any one of us, it may not then be available.

I do not know anything about the availability of Sativex (but I have seen the odd comment here), but a better example could be the postcode lottery that does exist for the supply of FES.


I didnt know there was a cure already? Please tell me more!