Sudden relapse of son after many years

Hi my son has had ms under control for over 25 years with beta interferon being fit and healthy apart from very minor symptoms since the initial attack. However he has suddenly started to have walking difficulties. What makes it harder is that my husband had PP MS and I saw him go from being a mountain climber to having to give up work after 10 years, and going from walking with a stick to a wheelchair. He died at 70. I really thought my son had “mild ms”. It was in the family as one of his uncles and his uncle’s daughter also had RR MS (they lived in Australia so don’t know a lot about them) - though none has been found before or after them in the family.

He has been my rock since when my husband was very ill and I need to be his now. I don’t know if others have relatives who relapsed after such a long time, did they change drugs, have more relapses, l’m at a loss to know how best to reassure him. I want to find out as much as possible so I can help him.

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I am very sorry that your son’s MS has reared it ugly head after having let him get on with his life in peace for so many years. I do think it would be a good idea for him to be reviewed by his specialist to see what they have to suggest.

Thanks Alison, He has managed to get an emergency appointment in the MS clinic on Wednesday. Let’s just hope this is a blip.

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I’d also make sure that he takes advantage of the MS Nursing team as they didn’t seem to be available/promoted when I was first diagnosed…

Hello Chrissie, I would like to say welcome to the forum and I hope you can find support in sharing with us.
I am sorry for the loss of your husband. I too had lost mine when he was only 50.
I am thinking of you and your son and hope the experts can help you .

They didn’t exist when my husband was first diagnosed but were very helpful towards the end. My son has an appointment tomorrow with them which was organised very quickly so I am thankful it is now available.

I am sorry for your loss too Crystal. Thank you, I hope the experts can help, my brother-in-law who was the first to get MS died aged 79, so I know it is possible to live to a good age, and I hope this for my son.

Thank you Chrissie,

I was only diagnosed last year. But in the same year got engaged to be married!

Take care