Worried about a relapse now Mum has lost Dad


We have recently lost my Dad very suddenly, leaving my Mum on her own. She’s not had a relapse of her MS for many years but I’m worried about the risk of a relapse now and whether there are any preventative measures that could be taken. She’s not really ever been monitored or treated for her MS as far as I know and I’m a bit clueless about it all. She was diagnosed over 40 years ago, when I was born, but no obvious relapse for around 20 years though lots of residual weaknesses/balance and vision issues etc. She’s rather been left to it with my Dad helping her with limitations. Stress was always a trigger in the past and obviously a bereavement this big will be a huge one. Anyone able to offer any advice on who to talk to ask about this?

Try to find your local neurology department and make contact with the MS nurses initially.

Hi Munster

I’m no expert but various thoughts.

Does your Mum have a good ‘support network’ of friends and family?

Find out from your Mum if she has an MS Nurse and see if
The two of you could have a discussion with her/ him

Same with her GP surgery.

Also contact the MS Society Helpline for advice including on social care

Things to perhaps discuss with GP, MS Nurse:

Do you think she could do with some help around the house?
Any signs of depression from grief?

Probably many other things as well?