Sudden fatigue

Hi, I hope everyone has enjoyed their sunny Sunday! Is it normal to feel more or less ok then very fatigued for a while then ok again? I washed my hair earlier and had to sit on the bed for a couple of minutes before I could dry it. Then when going round home base my left leg went really tired and was very unsteady for a couple of hours. Relaxing now but very ‘aware’ of my left leg. It doesn’t hurt just feels weak around my left buttock and top of the leg, even while sitting down. Also keep getting a hot patch the size of a tennis ball on my right bum cheek and a cold spot like its wet on my left one :-s. Only lasts for a few seconds but weird. Maybe the weather as I feel ok in myself. Only dx in nov 2013 so still quite new to me. Best wishes Sue x

Fatigue washes over me like a wave – without any warning or reference to what I am doing. You are very lucky if a little rest sets you going again! I often need to sleep for a couple of hours before I can realistically do anything more. If I try to ”push through” the fatigue (and sometimes we have to – if we are out for example) then I pay by being headachy and hammered for 2 or 3 days. I have to pace myself through activities. For example I’ve been fettling my bedroom (Yorkshire for a good clean) and it’s taken days because I can only do a bit at a time. By a bit I mean 10 minutes and then walk away to sit at the computer or listen to an audio book before I do 10 more minutes. Gone are the days when I could start a job and keep going until it was done! You will begin to learn how much you can do before needing a rest.

I’ve read other people posting about wet feelings so its not uncommon. Generally weird is the order of the day. I’ve got a patch on my ankle that feels like its grazed and sore when it rubs on the sheets but there’s nothing to see. Good old demylination!


Hi Sue.

This sounds temperature related. It’s something most people with MS suffer with.
The problem is when our temp rises (maybe when you washed your hair) the damaged nerves become more “leaky” and can cause these typs of symptoms.

Very tepid showers for me these days!


Thank you both for your replies, they are much appreciated? I suppose I knew the reason for feeling like I have today really, just nice to be reassured by other peoples thoughts. Hope you both have a good week! Best wishes, Sue