Is my fatigue my MS?

I have had MS now for 6 years and my usually symptoms have been sensory ones with numbness, muscle twitching and drop foot.

In the last few days however, i have become very tierd and fatigued but don’t know if this is because of a the recent long and hot weekend where i was away seeing family or if its the MS. I was away on holiday in Asia for 2 weeks in February and didn’t experience fatigue like this after that so this is why i am thinking ts the MS.

I feel completely drained of energy and walking up stairs i feel i am putting in twice as much effort as normal, was in bed for 15 hours last night and barely over from the sofa yesterday - this is very not like me at all. I have read that fatigue is not just physical but mental as well and noticed that when writing this post, it has taken me longer that i thought it would and made a fair few spelling errors

Any advide greatly apprriciated

What you describe is a very common part of m.s. The term ‘fatigue’ implies it’s some sort of mild weariness whereas in fact it can knock us for six.

MS and fatigue go together…overwhelming tiredness when all you can do is lie down and sleep. pacing yourself can help this but depression and anxiety can make it worse as well as heat.

I know in asia for example february the weather would not be that hot piercing draining stuff we get here. Mad isnt it. I have moved to a flat which has full on sun by lunch time beating down my door. I have had to purchase an parasol to keep the sun out, and an air conditioning unit to keep me sane. The heat in this country is dire, its draining and dry. When you go abroad its different I dont know why. Any hint of sun on me and blam its like triggering the fatigue monster. One of my first puzzling symptoms was for me the bath. I could not understand why it would wipe me out. It was so bad one day i ended up in A&E because my husband panicked as i simply could not move. Also doing something like going to see family would wipe me out for several weeks. Just a trip to the garden centre wipes me out for 2 days, so I am sure its a combination of that and the heat to be honest. It usually settles down, so you need to just rest and pace a bit more for now.

When went to Asia it was 30+ degrees every day so don’t think it’s a temp thing that’s triggered this fatigue. As was fine in and after Asia. I am not sure how pacing would help but I’ll try it. Legs feel so heavy it’s like I’m taking baby steps when walking

Yes thats what i am saying it may be hot in asia but for me it was a different kind of heat i live in hong kong it wasnt a draining heat in this country its different, a dry kind of draining heat its weird.

MS Society has a leaflet about fatigue. But yeah its not “just being tired”. Its hitting a brick wall of tired, cannot keep my eyes open. I have to sleep between 2 - 4 pm. Every day, no matter where I am. If I push thru it. I start to not finish sentences, judgement is impaired and basically, no much help to anyone!!