I am looking for some advice. I think im suffering with fatigue, but how do i know? I find everything tiring i am tired when i wake up after a full nights sleep, tired after showering etc… I also have lots of trouble thinking properly (not sure if tirednesss is causing it or something else all together) weakness on left side, spacity in left leg and tremor. I am not currently getting no medicine.

I have two children who are too young for school and i’m finding it incresingly harder to play with them, take them places and not want to pass out. I dont know if this is fatigue as such or just lethargy or am i just being lazy? I do excersise (pilates) twice a week, eat healthy etc so something must be causing this feeling right?

My eldest is due to start school in september which is a 25 min walk in each direction from our house and i dont have a car. really worried about how i am going to cope. I feel like i cant control my own life at the moment - short of having somebody come and run it for me i dont know what else i can do? I have supportive family but like i said i cant expect others to run my life 24/7.

Just wake up every morning cursing the new day, this is not what life is about surely? Any help welcome thank you.

Oh dear, poor you.

having young children is always busy and needs lots of energy from well people, let alone poorly ones.

Have you been diagnosed yet?

Fatigue is a HUGE part of MS. There are meds which may help with that.

There are also meds for spasticity and tremor.

Have a word with your GP or MS nurse or neuro, if possible.

luv Pollx


Yes, this sounds like fatigue. I’m feeling the same at the moment but my son is 19 so at least I can just lie in bed for half the day and it doesn’t matter. I really feel for you having two young children, that must be hard work when you are so exhausted. I can’t begin to imagine.

I also get worn out after just a shower or a bit of housework for example. I do find heat makes things worse so a hot shower is a no-no. I make sure the water is only warm. Also I try to rest after each chore but I’m not sure how that would work with young children. If they need a nap in the daytime, perhaps you could have one too?

Have you considered asking your neuro/GP for something to help with the fatigue? I’ve been taking amantadine for the past week and it does help to keep me going during the day. I take one first thing in the morning and another at lunchtime. My GP won’t prescribe anything unless it has been approved by my neuro first (!) so I always have to discuss it with the neuro first and he writes to my GP to tell him what I can have if I think I need it.

Take care

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Not sure if you are lazy or just tired? It’s fatigue.

Generally MS fatigue manifests itself as just not having enough juice in the batteries. If you push yourself it just gets worse. Unfortunately if you have the care of young children managing fatigue is very challenging. When I feel tired I just have a little sleep but that option is not open to you.

The only suggestion I have is to find ways of doing things that don’t kill you. For example (and I know this will probably sound unpalatable) I would suggest a mobility scooter for the school run. I think it is 100% better than ferrying children round in a car. You can rig up something for the children to hold on to instead of your hand but you can chat and share the day just as if you were walking – the difference being that you will still have some oomph left when you get home. My daughter, her baby, my dog and my mobility scooter go on some lovely walks!

The mobility scooter will also be an unspoken flag to the other mums who will happily step in and help you if you are not able to do the school run yourself sometimes. (Taking help from others is often very hard to do but it’s a killer if you have to explain why as well)

Yes i reiterate what wendels is saying, I have a mobility scooter and wouldnt be without it. It will save your legs, energy & help you throughout the day, with shopping etc. You dont say whether your other child is in a pushchair. Im wondering if there is something you could get to sit your child on your lap, perhaps some kind of baby strap only bigger to you can concentrate on your other child holding onto the handle.

Fatigue is a nightmare, takes over our lives if we let it. You are going to have to try rest up in the middle of the day, perhaps by putting your little one to sleep for an hour and you taking advantage of that time by resting up too.

What about activities like giving your children a little piece of garden so not much movement and planting seeds, little watering can etc. That will keep them occupied daily and you will save energy too.

Ask for help to buy scooter if you cannot afford one and do ask locally or put card in shop window for a second hand one if not.

Its a case of trying to make sure you pace and being able to look after your children. What about a rota of helpful family to bring child back from school, if you take them in the morning? Sometimes other mothers can help out too.

I wish you well. Fatigue is common amongst those of us with neurological conditions. You are not alone and will find others coping with similar to you.

take care,



Thanks for your replies. Yes I am diagnosed. Unfortunately my children won’t nap in the day, they see sleep as a sign of weakness (oh how I wish we could swap places!) They are both walking so no pushchair. The Rota idea is a great one and I’m sure if I get to know other mums we can do kid pools! I don’t think I’m ready to face a scooter yet, we will see how winter goes. I am just happy to have others opinion, now I’m fairly confident it is fatigue and not me just being lazy, I can ask for some help. What meds are there? Do they really make a difference? Thanks again.


the meds are amantadine, provigil and modafinil although some of difficult to get prescribed.

fatigue is the worst symptom of all in my opinion

just feel like the life has drained out of you

being too hot makes me worse, so try to stay cool

carole x



the meds are amantadine, provigil and modafinil although some of difficult to get prescribed.

fatigue is the worst symptom of all in my opinion

just feel like the life has drained out of you

being too hot makes me worse, so try to stay cool

carole x

[/quote] Totally agree!! Fatigue is dreadful and so difficult to explain to others…i found the spoon theory great - google it! I take amantadine and get on well with it. Def talk to your consultant or ms nurse for advice. Kx

Yeah I know how you feel, even feel exhausted after a nap these days, surely there is more to life than this constant urge to close your eyes.

You might want to look at this thread if you haven’t already


Hi, I totally agree about fatigue - it is the vilest of the vile symptoms because it’s invisible to everyone else and invites the most insensitive comments from others if you try to explain like - yeah I didn’t sleep well either or you need to get to bed earlier! If only!!! There might be some tips on the disabled parents network (google it cause I don’t think I can post a link). They have some ideas for adapting scooters and other energy saving tips for parents of young kids. Also my best tip is use your limited energy for the things you love and the things you can’t delegate. Better to have energy to play with the kids than a shiny kitchen (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!) Best of luck x