Sudden acute pain

Had a bit of a doze in the chair and woke up with an acute pain in my left side just above the hip. This was accompanied by a lot worsening in walking.

I can usually walk very slowly and for a very short distance but after this I couldnt walk at all.

It feel like the sciatic nerve in my left leg has been some how shortened and now I cant get my entire foot on the floor.

This happened 8 days ago and the pain stopped me getting to sleep as I couldnt find a position where my leg wasnt either twitching badly or the pain was just too much. Since then that has improved slightly and the walking even less slightly. I am using a chair as a zimmer frame to get around the flat.

I have a feeling this was just a sudden attack and things will slowly revert back but given the progressive nature of this disease maybe it wont revert back completely. The other funny thing is I used to get very painful ancles but this new pain has replaced that and now they are not painfil and not even swollen !.

Anybody experienced similar ? Anyone know what the reason maybe and if Im right in thinking its just a temporary attack ?

NB. Im on no medication other than annadin extra ( lots of ) .

Keep taking the painkillers

I have no answers for you other than get a proper zimmer frame or some crutches furniture surfing is asking for a fall and I know I dont bounce as well as I used to.

Hope it goes soon, Nice to see you refer to it as a funny thing I try to laugh at my little problems it seems to put them in their right place. Laughter is the best medicine they say but if it were true I would have anything wrong with me!!

Another theory busted

Have a good day XX Don

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Hello m8,

You know what the chair is better than a zimmer frame, you can stop and sit on it . It just needs to be lighter as now my wrists ache as well lol. Got crutches on order but I may start a new fashion with this chair thing outside. It will look well silly but it would be ideal to use it to get round a supermarket.

As far as falling is concerned, I’ve done that lots but as an ex- goal keeper I know how to fall , that’s no joke, its been well useful with this illness.

I try to keep drugs and pain killers to a minimum, the pain kind of lets you know that at least your alive! Couldn’t stand being zonked out all the time plus I like driving. Having said that my mum gave me a bottle of oramorph which has proved really helpful in getting to sleep !

Hi, I don’t really know if the pain is going to be temporary or not. I get weird and wonderful pains and I find ibuprofen is quite effective. I’m not on any medication either. When things are bad I use my rollolator to get about my flat. I don’t have to worry about balance when I use it. I put my glasses, remote control phone etc in the wee bag. I also use it for the laundry and wheel it out the back and hang it up. I feel about 90 going about with the thing but I do get a lot more done. In fact I see little old ladies getting about a lot quicker with it than I do. Lol! My god you sure need a sense of humour wth this illness.

Mags xx

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