suction pads for getting in and out of the bath

does anyone know  a good web site for these would like to start using my bath again but would need suction handles to get in and out

Hi Trish,got mine from the betterway book.

If you google it there is a lot of sites that sell them ,not to dear.

Wish you luck.



I've looked at these myself, but do you think they are safe?  The ones I've looked at said they are NOT safe to take your whole weight.  Now obviously, if I felt myself falling, and made a grab, or tried to haul myself up by it, it would be my full weight.

I honestly thought it was safer not to have them at all, than to put my trust in something that could come off, and send me crashing down.  I think if I eventually have to have rails, I'll go for screw-in ones that are firmly fixed to the wall (and no, I won't be able to do it myself - I'll have to get somebody in to fix them).

I don't trust the suction type, and rails I'm afraid to use, or that could give way unexpectedly if I do use them, would be worse than no rails at all.


Hi Trish

I tend to agree with Tina, it would be a worry if they come loose.  It might be a good idea to give your OT a ring, who could advise you about grab handles, and they could have them installed for you.  If you dont have an OT ask for a referral from your GP.

Hope this helps


Hi I’m afraid, like Tina, that I worry about the safety of these. My husband suggested getting a few and if we were on holiday I could use them but because I am so wobbly and so poor on my feet I really would make a grab for them, so I thought the simplest thing for if we were on holiday was for him to carry on helping me in and out the bath, it’s not ideal but it’s only when we are away!

I think if I wanted something reliable I would go for screw in types. In our shower I just hold on to th cosmetics basket but at least it is screwed onto the wall.

But maybe you are not too bad on your feet and need them more to steady rather than put your full weight on.

I think for me, reaching for something, that gave way would be worse than having nothing at all.

I’m maybe being unfair to them but I am sitting here thinking about all th accidents I could have with those, lol.


Contact your OT via a referral from your GP or MS Nurse.  The OT will come out and assess your needs, which could include other things you had not thought about but would be very helpful, and get them fitted free.  Best wishes.

I pull myself up using the towel rail as it's screwed to the wall, I fell the other day and it really knocked my confidence, so now I wont bath unless my OH is around. Our shower is broken atm :(

thanks folks for your replies talking about OT chased them a few weeks ago as i am getting my kitchen redone and her answer to this problem about lower shelves was to place things at a height suitable for me, would she then say forget the bath and continue with the shower or am i being pessimisticevilLaugh

I mentioned these to my OT as my bungalow is a private rental, so nothing can be screwed to the walls.

She did not recommend them


Hi, as others have already suggested I would try your OT and ask for an assessment at home… Mine came out to check my house and arranged for grab handles to be fitted on the bathrooms and toilets. Having a shower now with a handle to hold on to is much safer!

Lilbill x