Such frustration! Hitting brick wall after brick wall.

A little back story - symptoms noticed not long after my father passed late 2022. Tho I look back now and think could other episode of illness have actually of been an MS attack.
Went to the GP a year later after noticing another bout of symptoms. They referred for neurology. Still haven’t heard anything from that referral. Come Jan 2024 I have another flare up of symptoms. (3rd time in a space of 18months) my GP sends me to AMU at the hospital. Over a 3 day period I finally get a MRI. Not that they didn’t want to do it. They just couldn’t fit me in. Was told that MS isn’t curable so I effectively get pushed down the urgency list every time a stroke patient ect comes in! 4 hrs after the MRI I was taken in a side room. Told I had multiple white spots in both my brain and spine. That I should go home and Google MS. That the neurologist will contact me next week to discuss further. This was a general Dr. So no experience in neuro. It now been 4 weeks. I’ve heard nothing. I’ve called the AMU back. I’ve called the ambulatory care, I’ve called the neurologist secretaries and this morning in sheer desperation I’ve called my GP back. But they won’t see me because I’ve already been referred and told it august before I’m being seen with wait times. But the receptionist wouldn’t listen when I said I’d already been jumped up the queue by being sent to AMU. So I can’t even speak to my GP. I feeling like I’m going mental. That none of this even happened. I just dreamt it. I’m definitely in some form of a flare up. Have been for around 5 wks id say. My sight is really worrying me. Where do I turn? As every avenue I’ve tried to take isn’t working to get answers. I’ve just been left in limbo. The stress is beyond a joke. Any advice? Anyone?

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**I feel your pain, my neurologist won’t give me treatment till I have a flare up! But I’ve had several since being discharged from hospital yet no one wants to help me! Have been to A and E several times, and they all say why haven’t you been given an ms nurse and telephone numbers for when you have a relapse! The system is broken, it’s just one constant battle to get treatment but you must keep fighting also get pals involved as they can help! **