Beyond frustrated

I do hope someone can give me a little guidance on what I need to do or say to my doctor next. I have been having quite weird symptoms for around four years, everything from just a numb lip and chin to the most excruciating pain on one side of my ribs to numb leg(s) among a whole smorgasbord of other odd things that if I listed I would just sound like a complete hypochondriac! So after two years of dealing with it I went to my doctor. And there lies my problem, every time I go to see my GP I get “the look” and the encouraging question of “what’s wrong with you this time?” I’ve had blood tests, scans etc, all turning nothing up of any substance, my neurologist (the last one I saw after a scan) intimated the he believed I could have MS however as there was nothing on my scan to back this up he could only assume it could be ME but doubted it and told me to go back to my GP if I felt any more symptoms. I last saw my GP (a locum this time) about July last year when I was signed off work for a week and prescribed Neurontin (I can’t say I noticed a difference in anything while taking it) no referral just a very there there attitude and packed off on my way. It’s worth noting that at this particular time I was almost crawling into her office and my whole body felt as stiff as a board and my one leg in particular did not want to move in time with the other, in fact I could barely lift my foot up, causing me to trip up repeatedly. I need to go back as I am not coping very well with the every increasing regularity of my symptoms but I dread being fobbed off again. I am a well balanced (of mind at least!) woman, 38 years old, only ever been to the doctor for two pregnancies and a couple of chest infections, other than that I have never needed to go and never bothered them, I feel like they think I am seeking attention, I’ve even been told to think happy thoughts as I am not helping myself!!! Has anyone else had this attitude from a doctor and what did you do/say to make someone listen? While I hope it’s nothing, I am old enough and wise enough to know that this isn’t the case, I really would appreciate any advice and guidance. Xxxxxx

Sorry, that was meant to read last July, not July last year!