Stupid questiions

Mad magazine has published many books based on the themes covered in its magazine.

One was “Snappy answers to stupid questions.” Here is a brief sample.

What gets me is the slightly mocking tones used when some people ask me about things they may perceive as unusual:

Q. Why is there a towel in your bed?

A. Because I take frequent bed baths.

Do you know about Linus?

Because I’m German.

Q. Why is there a walking stick on the floor of the shower?

A. Doesn’t everyone burst into a song and dance routine whilst bathing?

I dream about being a wet sniper.

So I can swat flies.

Q. Why are there 3 shoes under your bed?

A. My lodger is Long John Silver.

I’ve grown another foot.

I’m minding them for Jake the Peg while he’s serving his jail sentence.


Best wishes, Steve

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