Hi, I was diagnosed about 7 years ago. Main of symptoms are neuropathic pain and other issues, bladder balance fatigue, brain fog. I take Pregabalin. A year or so ago I started with a frozen shoulder. I’ve not been pain free since but I have more mobility in it now than I had . My leg has been playing up for a few months now . It wants to drag. Sometimes I have to lift it to go up a step. My knee hurts to bend now. . My fatigue is getting me down. Lovely sunny evenings and I’m tucked up in bed unable to even sit up. Just have to lay down. Sometimes life seems pointless. Just any help anyone can give me please.

I just wanted to say hello I have 2 frozen shoulders I am waiting to see a neurologist I have pins and needles everywhere difficult walking fatigue bladder issues I find that tai chi and Chair yoga are the only things that give me some energy


Sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time of it. Speak to your GP or MS nurse/neuro to see if there are any medications that could help with symptoms. And tell your GP about your low mood, as something like counselling could help (as well as antidepressants).

There’s a few other positive steps I recommend. Everyday make a list of things you’re thankful for (doesn’t have to be different things each time - food, your bed, clean water, anything) - it 's well established that practising thankfulness improves well-being.

Smile for 5 minutes, regardless of how you feel. When we smile, our brain releases ‘happy’ chemicals. However, our brains can’t tell the difference between a genuine smile and a fake one. So choose to smile throughout the day. Avoid frowning. And watch or listen to comedy.

Learning is important too. This could be a new skill, or something online. Have a look at, where’s there are tons of free online courses offered by universities from all around the world. Or watch videos on, where there are hundreds of short, fascinating talks.

And come on here as much as you need to, to get out how you’re feeling or ask for advice etc.



Hi Dan great advice. thanks for link for future learning i am going to try the writing course i love writing and would love to really learn more and even write a small story. Tonkaluna heat can make your fatigue worse. I would see your GP as there are meds to help really bad fatigue. Dont over do anything, or push yourself. Your knee is because your not walking properly. Are you supporting yourself when you walk? You are depressed its very common in MS so please do see your GP and ask about fatigue management and how you feel ok. PACE. pace pace. If its warm keep cool. WALKING. You need to see someone about how your walking. If your leg is dragging and you have foot drop there are devices to help this. This foot drop can make fatigue worse. Its not hopeless you just need to seek help. We all get like that honestly. I go to bed everyday at 6pm. I would prefer to have my day and try to sleep at night. to be honest its a struggle to get up in the morning but my dog is the reason why i do that. I have to get up. Fatigue can be bad for some with MS. I drink coconut milk with vitimin B12 and Vitimin D. I eat really well no processed foods or too much sugar and all these things help. The more you feel helpless the worse the depression the worse the fatigue. I think dan made good advice. there are lots of things to still do, and I have lots to be thankful for even though sometimes I often wonder lol. maybe you need a little hobby. My daughter has a long term illness and she paints which helps her. sending you a big hug. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Not sure if technically it was frozen shoulder but over a few years on and off, I often had pain and difficulty at the shoulder raising my right arm. Made putting things on like shirts difficult. I thought it was my sleeping on my side that caused it. Eventually I had a steroidal injection into the pain spot and guided by some imaging system and have never had a recurrence since, probaly over two years now. Might be worth asking about.

tonkaluna I know its hard but try to focus on some positive things no matter how small. Hope your shoulder continues to improve,Frozen shoulder does get better eventually but is nasty while you have it. Crazy chicks advice about tackling your depression is good, dont let things overwhelm you…Good luck