Stressed out with my daughter's behaviour

Hi haven’t been on here for quite awhile as things had more or less had settled down. However recently my daughter (37 yrs) has been behaving really strangely and I do not know how to help or deal with this. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
She lives on her own but has 2 carers come in twice a day they have been with her for some time and are very patient and caring. Recently she has become very difficult and doing strange things like slipping out of bed at night not having the strength to get back and then saying she doesnt know how it happened. Also things like speech she says she has difficultly with talking and hardly says a thing when I visit except "yes " or “ok”. However when she is with the physio or any other therapist she talks almost normally. Really do not know how to deal with this and am really worried that the carers will loose their patience and leave. My daughter also has this habit of mixing it between the carers maybe for a bit of drama but it really isnt acceptable.
I know I have become stuck between a rock and hard place as she is an adult but unfortunately when things go pear shape I am always the one who has to sort things out. At this point in my life I am afraid I just want to stand back and not do anything but of course I can’t!!!
Would love to hear any advice you may have.

Hi, I can see how worrying this is for you.

If your daughter could harm herself when slipping out of bed, why not have rails fitted to the bed?


We had suggested this but she isn’t falling she actually lowers herself down. Luckily the bed is not high and also there is a good soft carpet. I think my worries are more that if we phone for the paramedics too often we will get a call from Social Services !!!
But maybe being a Mum I am over reacting. Think I have just got to let her get on with it after all she is an adult.

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