Daughter with anxiety too scared to see Grandad with MS............


My daughter has severe anxiety and after seeing her grandfather fall about 11 months ago, she has been too scared to visit him, to the point she has panic attacks.

I just wondered if anyone else had similar issues? She is seeing a counsellor, she has made tiny steps ie phone calls and drawing him pictures.

She cares about him too much, think this is the issue. So hard.


hi C

ms affects our families.

my son was 17 when i fell through the door out of the bathroom and landed naked at is feet.

he was really cool and brought me towels to cover my modesty.

i found out that it was the hot bath i’d had that caused me to faint.

so my lad was traumatised as was I.

it is good that your daughter is phoning him and drawing him pictures.

make sure that you look after yourself because it isn’t easy having two close relatives who need caring for.

carole x


You do not say how old your daughter is, so suggesting ways of providing support is difficult. I hope the counsellor is helping.

It can be pretty traumatic and scary seeing people falling over, my suggestion (without knowing the circumstances) would be to explain as simply and clearly that "grandfather is not completely well and that sometimes he might fall. " It might be good to explain what she can do if it happens again, involve her in the care of her grandfather without scaring her (he may never fall again)

MS can be a tough teacher.

Good luck to you all


is there something else worrying your daughter - is she worried her grandfather is going to die?

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A lot depends on how old she is. I’m also an epileptic and my son and daughter grew up with mom falling down. My son aged 6 even phoned an ambulance!

in later life I would collapse - and I would be unconscious - while in my PJ’s and son have to phone 999 and then sort out the fall out. Why do they never take you to A&E with a change of underwear and a pair of slippers.? embaressing or what - for a bloke in his 20’s.

Now he’s a credit. Not only will he fight my corner, kicking ppl out of the wheelchair space on trains, hoicking it into boots of cars. He’s also aware of ppl who needs the door held open, may be slower etc.

have little chat with daughter, see what it is that scared her so much

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How old is your daughter?

My brother has anxiety and my Mum has MS.

Like the other comments my brother has seen my Mum go through a lot and that adds to anxiety - he gets worried that she will be in a situation where he can’t help. Small steps are good to start to talk about what may be causing her anxiety, it sounds like she’s progressing with counselling.