My MS seams to be worse at the moment and trying to explain this at work today as i feel i am struggling at the moment my legs feel like lead weights and walking seams to be a pain all up my legs and in the sole of my feets its like part of it is numb and the pain start now as soon as i am up now first thing in the morning

Anyway i work and i try to explain how i am feeling and at the moment everything seems to be worse as im worried about my grandson as he has been ill but work say they understand but i think they make the right noises but they dont understand there attitude is making things worse for me, its like today i went to work but i spoke to my boss about having friday of to catch up with myself as it would give me four days of as i dont work thursdays, he agreed after a lecture on my ability to do my work and it been the best for me, well there attitude is not the best for me i know what is best for me and tryed to explain this but all i got was they have to think of the bussiness and whats best for that, its almost like a threat

Any ideas to help


Dear 'tattybear',

Please read previous 'query' on anxiety - 'NO-BODY ELSE KNOWS HOW YOU FEEL!!!' THEY DIDN'T WHEN I 'FELT' THE SAME WAY!!! See your doctor or try ANYTHING THAT WORKS!!!

Marcus. x. (not romantic - just best wishes from one MS'r to another)

Hullo 'tattybear',

I caught 'my-self' reading this message (again!) - You wouldn't believe that I went to uni. in Aberdeen and was Director of a company with over 140 employees, My 'memory' is 'hopeless' - (but not 'sore'). How is your Stress (don't say if you don't want to!). It's only that I know how disabling stress can be and I have 'experienced' it before! If having MS wasn't enough!

Best wishes,