Stress seems to be getting the better of me

Never been a stressful person before but for the last few months I’ve been getting more and more stressed. I was Dx last October with RRMS but I’ve had issues for almost 9 years now.

Personally I think my symptoms are getting worse and slightly more frequent but I haven’t had a big relapse for about 18 months. I do have mini relapses lasting a day or two at most on a regular basis, and my daily issues of pins and needles and pains never seem to abate.

I recently started at the Neuro Physiotherapists and as a result I am now due to go to a balance clinic as I can be unsteady on my feet the more fatigued I become.

I feel like I’m in a catch 22 with the stress and anxiety and it just builds and builds until I snap and the thought of this causes me more stress.

I am prescribed Mirtazipine 15mg at bedtime and Pregabalin 50mg twice a day. Does anybody think that these may be causing the undue stress or that maybe a higher dosage might help alleviate some of it?

If a higher dosage might help will I able to get my GP to change it or will I need to go to my Neurologist for it?

Couple of things to add:

  1. As my stress level increases I find it more and more difficult to speak coherently. I often forget what word I wanted to say or I have the right word but just can’t say it. It’s so frustrating and this in itself stresses me further.

  2. I think I may have posted this in the wrong place, it should maybe have gone in the daily living area, sorry about that, if mod thinks it would be better there then please do move it.