Importance of Sleep

So it’s been lass than a month since my DX and I think I can see another symptom, pins and needles in my right hand. Balance is unafected and it’s the only symptom I can see (my diagnosis was based on double vision). However, the night before I was a little stressed and got minimal sleep as a reult of it, becoming more stressed rom the lack of sleep!

Does lack of slep/stress afect anyone else here and bring on symptoms? Can they be reduced by doing anything in particular?


my sleeping pattern has been all over the place since i stopped working.

my gp gave me some sleeping tabs - cant remember what they were called.

its bad for anyones health so obviously bad for msers

melatonin is supposed to be good, ms society has some info on this

carole x

Hi Peter, I’ve been told by my gp and neurologist to keep clear of stressing out as it can bring on symptoms of ms… Easier said than done! I become extremely tired and just have to sleep when I feel a relapse. Maybe a trip to the docs is a good idea…it helped me

Hi Peter

If I have a bad night’s sleep it makes everything seem worse. The pins and needles, the aches and pains and obviously the fatigue. Those are the likeliest days when the brain fog is worse too and I sometimes give up at work and catch up on my sleep.

You’ve not been diagnosed very long and it takes a little while to find out what makes YOUR MS worse. We are all different and as you’ve probably seen from the boards, some of us are affected by the heat, some made worse by being cold, some are sure their relapses are triggered by stress etc.

In the meantime if you are worried about anything at all, give your MS nurse a call if it persists for more than a day. That is what they are there for and any new symptom that persists for more than 24 hours in the absence of a fever or underlying infection is probably a relapse.

Take care

Tracey x

hi again peter

stress was the first culprit i identified and i went to great lengths to cut it out of my life.

some people who had always been in my social circle always made me feel stressed so i no longer see them.

getting medical retirement helped cut another shedfull out.

carole x

Hi, oh yes! I cant remember when I last had a good nights kip!

When I had a really badly inflamed bladder, I was getting up every hour or so.

Had my sp catheter in 11 days now and it`s unbelievably great…but my stupid body clock still wakes me up after a couple of hours sleep.

Hoping it will settle down soon… for both of us.

Have you tried Nytol?


I think that MS just generally means that there is less slack in the system - less headroom to absorb life’s ups and downs (like a bad night of sleep, or stressy stuff) without ill-effects.

Things like that just seem to hit us harder, and take longer to bounce back from too, I find.


Our family doctor from when I was a child, also a friend of the family, took a kind interest in my dx from afar (although I had not seen him in decades) and phoned me from NI to give me that exact advice - he was very insistent upon it. And he was not an airy-fairy sort of doctor - he was notorious in the GP practice of my childhood for not signing anyone off ever unless their symptoms required enclosure in an iron lung! But he was a wise and very experienced old-fashioned family doctor, and I have never forgotten his advice.