Stress and spasticity

I am so stressed and upset at the moment and as a result my spasticity is through the roof I can barely stand!

I need to vent.

My youngest daughter started medical school last year. At Christmas she came home and said she was very kean on another student and they had been seeing each other for a while. At that time she had not had sex so I advised her to go on pill but also if the relationship progresses then she should always use a condom. She is 20 had never had a boyfriend. Anyway in February they started a physical relationship and condoms were used. At Easter she stayed with his family and he told her that he had been cleared of STIs at the clinic and he showed her the letter of confirmation . So in April they started unprotected sex and now 3 days ago she was diagnosed with herpes type2 vaginal herpes which is a sti . We now discover that the standard tests don’t include herpes. It is an expensive test and only test people with symptoms. She says she loves the guy and forgives him as he did not know he had it and thought all tests were done and he was clear.

I can’t even tell my husband as this would kill him. I feel the guy has soiled her for life now and she won’t be able to meet another as they will run a mile at the very mention of it. I am sitting feeling so sick . Can’t talk to anyone.

hi anonymous

take a deep breath and calm yourself down.

your girl has been on a steep learning curve.

give her your love and tell her that you trust her but ask her to please not break that trust.

“soiled for life” is a bit over the top.

a fright like this will make sure that she is careful in future.

i hope you can forgive the boy because she is obviously keen on him.

sorry if i have offended you but i felt i needed to say it.

carole x

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Thankyou Carole, I know you are right but am so scared for her. Thing is she was do careful and got him checked out. Nether of them realised that not all tests are covered by the NHS. In my heart I hope this relationship really works as then she won’t have to explain the situation to a new partner who may run a mile. Herpes can still be transferred with a condom and through kissing. Most guys aren’t effected too much it is the women who really suffer

i’m so relieved that i didn’t offend you.

i once worked with a woman who was of loose morals.

she passed herpes onto her husband and even used to tell everyone that she was staying in painting ‘that purple stuff’ on her husbands privates.

be happy with your family.