Not MS, panic stricken

One for women.

I’m in BIG trouble, I’ve got to have a biopsy, one that is thought of by some medics as “extremely painful and unnecessary” but… I’m extremely phobic! I struggle with the dentist, smear tests are about as much as I can handle, and I couldn’t even handle a vaginal ultrasound and felt bruised inside for two days after. I came home in a daze after the ultrasound and have felt the panic rising since, I understand that everyone might be anxious, but this is something else… Imagine your fear of heights and being made to do a parachute jump without any instruction or support!

I’m not sleeping properly at night so I’m sleeping later in the morning then crashing in the afternoon, as usual, but later, I feel my mood (already low) sinking rapidly, I don’t want to go out or do anything interesting, and I’m doing stuff out of necessity or habit but not taking any real pleasure from anything.

I’ve not seen my GP yet and don’t know what to say! How do you tell a doctor that although you’re a normally sensible, well informed middle aged adult you just can’t handle stuff like this!

Because its gynaecological I need the heaviest sedation and a hysterectomy, forget the bloody biopsy, it’s pointless whatever the result shows I’ll still probably need one anyway so once it’s done no more issues! But with the NHS having no money and some additional complications from myself their obviously trying not too do one.

Is there anyone out there who knows how I can get my message across? Either, leave me alone (not gonna happen this could be something sinister) or find another solution (eg: lots of drugs))

Soz I needed to have a good rant whilst begging for help.

Aw Anon, I SO feel for you. You really must make an appointment to see your GP tomorrow (emergency one if necessary). He or she should have been informed about everything and will be able to talk to you about everything and if a biopsy actually is necessary, it won’t be nice but he/she will understand your feelings and will be able to help and advise. GP’s see so many people going through so many different scenarios and I’m certain that your situation won’t be new to them.

Make that appointment and take control!

btw there’s no need to apologise for your ‘rant’, we’re all your pals.

Tippy x

When you go to the dr’s appointment take with you all your concerns written down as concisely as you can. Doctors must groan when presented with such a thing but it’s important that you get your thoughts across and writing them down is a good starting point. Anon, have a hug.

Anon, Loulla has made an excellent point. If you can (technology wise) you could print off your post above and take it with you to the GP’s appointment or if, like me you use a Kindle or whatever, take it with you. It would be an excellent (and less stressful) way of getting your message across and starting the discussion.

Thinking of you.

Tippy x

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Good idea about writing e erythi g down. I have just had a similar situation. Had to go to the appt on my own. So I wrote all my questions down. With space for the answers to be written beneath each question. Go and see yr Dr with yr list. Don’t be hurried with yr time. You gave the right to be able to speak up for yourself. Phobias like this can be controlled if you put the time and effort in. Good luck and let us know. Anne x

Sorry for typos. Difficult today. X

Well done to get a double GP’s appointment (they’re like hens teeth where I am!). When you’re there just tell him/her everything, as Loulla suggested write it down or print off your message so you don’t accidentally omit anything. It’s your time so use it to your benefit. We’re all behind you and will be mentally holding your hand.

Tippy x