Still no answers and now retinal thinning

I went to to my GP today after not being able to stand up for long the past few days, my legs are literally shaking. He immediately jumped on my vegan diet at the cause (despite me telling him my symptoms went back to when I was vegetarian and getting loads of protein.). I got no help and no answers just got told to eat eggs and come back to him in a week.

I was upset so I decided I should get the eye test I have been thinking about. I was having floaters, flashes of light etc in my left eye. The optician told me to go straight to the eye dept of the hospital because she thought I had a tear in my retina.

I went in and they saw me and told me both eyes are showing retinal thinning/lattice degeneration…they said it’s very unusual because I’m young (25).

I couldn’t help wondering if this could somehow be related to my other symptoms? Could it even be a sign of something like MS?

I feel so freaked out by it all. I want to give up…

I’m just wondering if retinal thinning can be associated with MS. Or if anyone here has been diagnosed with it before or after a diagnosis…?


Firstly, don’t panic or give up, certainly not at this early stage. I can’t answer your question about retinal thinning as I do not know what this is. There are so, so, so many things that your dodgy vision could be caused by other than MS.

In MS demyelination of the myelin sheath that protects the nerves occurs and can affect the optic nerve, I’ve not heard it called retinal thinning.

I’m learning that diet is very important for people with MS as it is for anyone. You are what you eat and a lack of a balanced diet which provides the spectrum of vitamins and trace elements will ultimately affect your health, whether an MS sufferer or not.

One of my blood tests was for B12 which can present some symptoms similar to MS. I eat lots of meat, fish, eggs, dairy and mine still came back as low on B12, it was just within healthy parameters so didn’t need treating, just monitoring.

Listen to your GP, eat eggs for a week (your health is more important than principles), go back, if no change they will try something else. If your GP suspects anything untoward, they will send you to the appropriate specialist.

There are so many symptoms of MS that an accurate diagnosis can take a long time (in my case 3 years) and there are so many diseases/disorders/symptoms that present like MS that they need to be ruled out first.

So good luck on your journey, eat well and be positive.



I just read your message & was intrigued, as I’d never heard of lattice degeneration. I get lots of floaters myself, & wanted to find out more, so did a quick google search.

Found a few sites. from what I could find, it’s unusual in people under 20 years, but prevalence increases after that. Occurs in 7- 11% of general population. More common in near-sighted people, and may run in families, but otherwise no known risk-factors.

according to:

Lattice degeneration (retinal thinning, holes, lesions, and spots) “is usually asymptomatic in itself” (most commonly discovered during routine eye checks), “but can lead to a higher risk of holes and tears that become symptomatic”. “Prognosis is usually good, as most people with lattice degeneration have lesions that are fairly stable or slowly progressive”. “There are no known risk factors”, (so it’s not known to be associated with MS).

hope this helps x

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