Interesting case needing advice!:)

Hello there! I am new to this forum and I thought I’d post something that is a bit of a mystery and may be of interest reading or trying to work out what this is that has manifested in me! It’s a bit of a long read but I will try and keep it to the point as much as possible! Ok so I am currently 24 years old female, this first occured when I was 21 years old. When I was 21, I lived in a small town called Whitehaven with poor medical facilities. Throughout my teens I was quite a binge drinker. I was drinking when I was 21 too, not everyday but when I did drink it was a large amount (also smoking too and abit overweight). Anyhow, one day I woke up to long distance blurred vision. This made me go the hospital, I noticed straight away the opthalmologist I had was pretty terrible and he misdiagnosed me several times. He called for a brain MRI scan. Which concluded white matter hyperintensity in the periventricular, juxcortial, subcortical and possible small one in cerebellar region. Sorry for the terrible spelling! Anyway, he said “you have ms, don’t take hot showers, goodbye!” Which by anyone’s imagination is terrible for him to say with no further evidence. Anyway, I stopped going the hospital due to mental trauma of the 5 misdiagnosis’s he game me, one being ms. Its also worth mentioning that I developed uveitis (an eye condition) within this time frame when I had a reaction to a face cream. It has now cleared up but left my eyes permanently sensitive. Fast forward 3 years later and I do not have any symptoms related to ms (and I have done a huge amount of research) which is leaving me very confused and starting to look at differential diagnosis. I have quit smoking, drinking and have lost a lot of weight intentionally. However unfortunately I have been left with severe anxiety due to the experience. I moved to a city where the healthcare is much better, I had a long discussion with my GP and she concluded that no further testing is necessary because I havent had any symptoms nor complaint. Plus white matter is non life threatening. She also stated that my anxiety needs treatment and the Dr in Whitehaven needs sueing. She concluded that it was either radiologically isolated syndrome or the white matter was due to me living unhealthily. However, I have started to have some suspicions on myself. Within these 3 years since the MRI debacle I have felt really good in myself, got healthier, and as I said the eye condition cleared. But about 6 months ago, I experienced a relapse in my severe anxiety (the worst yet) and it went on for a bit too long. I got so severely stressed that I was having panic attacks daily and lost my will to live. About a month in to the stress I started to experience physical symptoms that I’ve never felt before. My vision had shadow spots, I had restless leg, insomnia, heart palpitations, parasthesia, stinging nerves, muscle twitching and more. I couldn’t understand it. I decided to Google this and vitamin deficiency was the first result. I decided to take multi vitamins and within a month ALL of my symptoms dissapeared, and when I stopped taking the vitamins too soon the symptoms slowly re-emerged. I read that crippling stress can cause vitamin deficiency. This got me thinking…what if I have a difficult time taking in vitamins? What if they are disturbed by things such as binge drinking when I was younger (vitamin b12 and drinking go hand in hand) and what of it kicked off again because I felt stressed? It may be possible that I am struggling with several vitamins but one that I am very suspicious of is b12 due to the vision decreases , alcohol consumption, and nervous system disturbances like stinging nerves. What if the white spots on my MRI brainscan 3 years ago was a vitamin b12 deficiency if this is possible? What if I am a victim of yet another ms misdiagnosis? When I am not stressed, not drinking or doing anything substantial I seem to excel physically but very sensitive to change! My doctors now are not bothered to take this further because I am not reporting I am suffering with ms so they see it as insignificant. However I would love to hear all your knowledge, opinions on this case or experience. I am not suffering physically as I mentioned (when I look after myself and take vitamins) but since the experience in Whitehaven I have been left with a mental disorder. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your responses. Take care xx

Hi Am waiting for first neuro appt and all things i experience cant be ruled out as not MS though i dont think. Therefore any thoughts are precisely that, albeit inclusive of lots reading. So absolutely opinion in what i know but there’s people in here with it and a trillion percent more learned Few things jumped out of your post - An ophthalmologist assessed your MRI but no onwards referral to neurology made despite those areas lit up on MRI and stating you have MS? Sounds beyond irresponsible. -Appreciate your Gp thinking lack of symptoms means no need for follow up just now. Might be a clinically isolated syndrome as no other symptoms since but usually neurology would make this call too but forgive me if picking it up wrong. McDonald criteria suggest need for more than 1 ’ episode’ …but again neurology needed. They may just have considered a watch and wait scenario. Or they may have done a lumbar puncture. Which if course opthamoligist cant do… - binge drinking and unhealthy eating in teens / early 20s common and doesn’t have lasting damage if you stop it. So any impact re b12 or alcohol related neuropathy unlikely i would think. If your liver function ok it suggests all ok - if vitamins help. Keep taking them. If you worry about a condition that affect uptake or malabsorption of them am sure Gp could do tests if other symptoms suggest it. Eg am vitamin d and iron deficient. Due to lack of sunlight/ high spf used/ don’t eat meat Maybe all you need/ can do is be as healthy as you can and just keep an eye out for any changes if they reappear