Still in limbo land

Hi, just wanted to apologise to those that messaged me and no reply. I have read through you messages today a good year on.You have all been in m y thoughts but, I have been in a very low place and unable to get out of it. Well where have I been. I had been struggling with bouts of constipation, not going for 10 days at a time and then when I would the spasms where horrendous. Anyway this must have happened one time too many and my bowel strangulated causing me to bleed and then a 3 week stay in hospital followed not great but hey ho, just another thing to contend with. I am still no further forward in terms of whether this is ms or still fibromyalgia. I am convinced it is ms but strangely I have never asked my gp directly if they think it could be. In one of my last posts I was considering going private, but have not gone any further with this. Today, I am thinking I might go back to my gp and ask them if it could be and will they send me to a ms specialist. Today, I have been out and seized up in the street, my legs had gone into spasm, at least I didn’t fall over, which seems to becoming an annoying habit. The whole of my nose is buzzing, which is causing my left eye to run. I have booked an appointment with the optician as I have been experiencing vision problems and pain again in my left eye. When I left hospital I had a numb patch on my upper left arm the gp just said that my brain would get used to it. I still have a spastic bladder, horrible when you can’t wee, trying to get the bladder to relax is horrendous.Anyway, back on the forum so I will answer any messages that come my way.

Hello Loulou.

Good to see you back again, as I do remember you from before.

You do have some awful symptoms, that must be difficult to live with.

I often read from people who have been investigated for fibromyalgia. I guess it can be similar to MS.

Re your constipation…what do you take for it? I use movicol/laxido… I take one at night, but if I dont go one day, I take an extra sachet. I also up my intake of prunes, figs, wholemeal bread. I used to ive it to nature, but after 7 days, need a district nurse to come and give me an enema…not nice!

I think a visit to your gp is the best way forward, to discuss seeing an ms neuro.