Still confused about relapses!

Hi all, having just had a pretty major unpleasant 6 weeks Nov-Dec which was an obvious ‘relapse’ type phase (despite never having had anything like that before) I am still confused about relapses because all the info says a relapse is any new symptom or exacerbation of existing that lasts 24 hours or more. I have had 2-3 days of substantial numbness in hands, feet and lady parts plus the hot spots and twitchy muscles. But there is no way this compares at all to the 6 week thing I just had. The numbness in my lady parts is a complete fkr as I have a chesty cough and it has diminished my usually fantastic pelvic floor to mush with the inevitable results! I am feeling slightly less than human. But I can stay awake longer than 2 hours at a time which I couldn’t Nov-Dec and I have pretty much stopped jerking spasmodically.



Hi Deb

I think we are all a little confused about whether we are having a relapse or just an ‘off time’. I also have read the same info but have had periods of symptoms shorter or less intense than others and now keep a diary as I forget how things feel and the length of time, this is useful when you see the nurse. In my experience relapses do differ but I would suggest mentioning both events next time you speak to the clinic. Glad you are feeling a bit better.


Hi Deb,

The length of relapses can vary hugely, even for the same person.

Just because one lasted weeks, doesn’t mean they always will. They could be either longer or shorter.

Having said all that, you mention that you have a chest infection anyway?

Infections - particularly respiratory infections - are a really common cause of symptom flare-up, and this is not usually considered a genuine relapse.

The only way to tell is to see if the symptoms resolve once you shake off the infection. If they do, it was probably the infection causing it all the time, and not a “real” relapse.