Hi all Can anyone help pls. I’m not dx yet expecting it on 27th after a 3yr fight lol. About 6 wks ago I am assuming that I had a relapse with new symptoms which were stroke like these lasted about 2wks I then began to feel ok suddenly over the last 2 days I feel awful as if I’m not even in my own body. My newest symptom seems to be a numbness in my spine firstly has anyone else had a numbness in the spine and also would this be classed as a relapse or a continuation of the one a few wks ago Thanks Hope everyone is as well as can be expected Ni xx



If it’s less than 30 days since resolution (or apparent resolution) of your last relapse, anything new would still be treated as part of the same one.

A relapse can cause almost any symptom, depending where lesions form, and may or may not resemble ones you’ve had in the past.

Numbness is a common symptom, and can occur anywhere - again, depending where lesions form. I’ve not had numb spine, specifically, but have had profoundly numb feet, numb intimate area, numb fingers, and partially numb face. It’s just luck of the draw which bits go numb, and you can’t read very much into whether other people have had it in the exact same place, as they may have a different pattern of lesions. Spinal cord lesions tend to cause numbness of the lower extremities, but that’s about as scientific as I plan to get!