Is this a relapse?

Evening everybody.

Just looking for some advice please, my partner had his 1st meeting with his MS nurse a few weeks ago, and when she was explaining to us that when you have a “relapse” that its new symptomns something you have never had before…?

For the last 2/3 days my partner has said that just above his tailbone it feels (his description not mine :slight_smile: )“like being tickeled where you cant take it no more” and goes down his right leg to his foot and it feels like that more when he walks on it or puts his foot on floor.

So i was wondering if this could possibly be a relapse?

Any thoughts would be great.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The official definition of a relapse is an attack lasting at least 24 hours that occurs in the absence of fever or infection. That means that relapses can also be old symptoms coming back again.

It can be tricky to tell what’s a relapse and what’s not so it’s always best to see your GP to check for any other causes.

The best defence is rest in my experience, so try and get your hubby to take it easy - it’ll lessen the chances of a relapse getting worse and more things going wrong. If it turns out that this is a relapse, make sure and let the MS nurse know - it’s important to get these things on the record in the beginning especially.

Karen x