Hi all

I have recently started to get more stiffness in my legs and lower back pain. I think this is spasticity? I have called the community neuro team I am under to see the physio but I am wondering if other expert patients on here have any top tips? I have been quite stressed recently and it seems quite timely that it has come on now! Thanks,

I’ve been having more stiffness in my legs. Because I have no specialist MS support,'cos there is virtually none I whizzed down to my drug dealer,sorry GP and he handed over a script for BACLOFEN. Even at very low dosage of 10mg a day it helps a bit. BUT my feet are more swollen than ever before and the Baclofen is the only thing that has changed recently

I don’t know about expert patient,but the only support I have is the GP and he is a prince. 'Praps your GP might help you out without you having to queue up until one of the demi-gods steps off their cloud

Good luck, Wb

I take both baclofen (40mg/day) and Tizanadine (16mg/day) for spasticity. They are a godsend!

Hi Eski,

I’ve been on baclofen for years to stop spasticity but it has made my muscles quite weak and the new neuro

suggested I changed onto tizanadine - starting this week.

Dave38 - interesting that you are on both.

Go and see Dr or your MS nurse.

Jenny x