stiffness in foot

My husband has just been diagnosed with ms and has developed a disabling stiffness in his right calf and foot. He is just about managing to walk on it. 2 weeks ago it was just tingling in his thigh.

Is this common? Is it likely to improve?

His history is

episode of blurred vision Dec which completely resolved by Feb

Tingling in thigh since Feb which is ongoing- and has resulted in this stiffness in his right calf and thigh.

Does anyone else have any experience about how to deal with the foot stiffness please?

We are totally petrified about the diagnosis. He has never had any symptoms prior to Dec and we used to walk 7-8miles so this has been a total shock for us.

Hi fudge, I’ve recently been diagnosed as this was one of the first symptoms I had I think it’s called drop foot? Don’t quote me on that as I’m very new to it all :slight_smile: with mine it affected my coordination and looked like I was drunk when I walked. I also needed someone to help me up the stairs & get about in general. Mine has definitely subsided and not as stiff now still tingly every now and then but not as serve. At first I didn’t do an awful lot I lay on the couch with my foot elevated till I felt a bit more comfortable just walking around the house. And this sounds bizzare but helped me I got a tennis ball put it on my foot and would roll it bs I and fourth to gain some sort of feeling which worked I use to do if for back problems too and works ! Like I said I have been diagnosed with RRMS so I have relapses hopefully looking at medication soon to prevent them or so they are less seerve. I’m still in shock and I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever accept I’ll just learn to live with it as best as I can it’s lovely to hear he has a support network though. Thoughts are with you best of luck. Laura x

Magnesium oil is good for massaging into parts suffering from cramp.

I have a bottle of oil made by the Caleb Teeze Organic Farm £15 from Am… (Online seller named after a rainforest and a river) of all sorts of stuff) and it is amazing for cramp. Tonight the cramp has been in my instep so rubbed a bit on and now my instep is cramp free!

I’m talking about cramp because I now realise that my earlier symptom of stiffness was actually cramp.

hope you can find something to help your husband.

Carole x

Hi Fudge, sorry to hear of your hubby’s diagnosis.

It is a scary time…wondering what will the future be like. But please let me assure you…I’ve had PPMS for 23 years and there are lots of members here, who have had it a long time.

There is still a good life to be had with MS…albeit not the one you imagined.

Make sure he gets lots of rest and paces his activities.

A good support network also is vital.

We are here to support you too.

love Boudsx