confused polyneuritis or ms?

Hi there have posted here before about symptoms over last few years .

Having  MRI of head and C-spinein two weeks and have just seen GP about tingling in feet and stiff calves particularly when I first wake. This lasts for a couple of hours then eases off but the calf stiffness returns whenever I have been sitting down,regardless of how long I have been sitting.

My Gp has been great,I only saw him once when I reeled out a long list of symptoms I had had for the last year,including the very bad last three months. I was referred to neurologist, who didn't do a very thorough examination (in my opinion). My background is nursing but I gave this up at the end of last year as my arm jerks were making it difficult to continue. I have four children and had been considering leaving for a while anyway.

The neurologist did order an MRI but only checked my arm and plantar reflexes (with ski socks on) but did not check my  patella reflexes. Anyway my GP who I have a very good professional and patient relationship said today that he was fairly convinced that the symptoms I have had along with brisk right sided reflexes, suggest MS.The neurologist says in his letter to GP that he thinks it more likely that I have polyneuritis., although he agrees about the arm reflex on right side being brisk and about right sided weakness.

I must admit I know very littleabout polyneuritis and am hoping someone may be able to shed some light for me. My GP says that even if my MRI comes back negative he would like to refer me for a second opinion.

Thankyou as always



The neuro did the plantar reflexes when you were wearing thick socks?!?!?! Good grief! That in itself would make me inclined to get a second opinion, no matter what the MRI showed.


I don't know anything about polyneuritis other than it is a problem with the peripheral nervous system rather than the central nervous system. Sorry :-(


I hope you get some answers very soon.


Karen x