Stiffness and walking

Hi all,

can anybody give me any tips or advice that helps reduce stiffness in their legs please? I do take tablets daily, but I was hoping someone can give any more advice on what helps them please? It’s driving me mad!

Hi Natc - I try to get to the gym but stiffness in my lower back and legs are a problem as well for me but exercise (if possible) does help but if i overdo it - it makes it worse

Do you take any medication for if? Iv been feeling bad for over a week now. I had appendicitis last week and had them and a burst cyst removed but thought if it was a flare up it would of eased by now?! I’m worried it could never go away n this could be the start of the progression. Any advice?

I take Tizanidine 2mg at a time for stiffness during the night been on them since 2011 as prescribed by my neuro take 6 a night that is a lot of tablets over 9 years quick calculation 200,000 I wonder how much they cost if they are a couple of quid each that is nearly half a million quid. No wonder these drug companies do not find a cure for MS, they are making millions out of us. It only lasts for 2 hours then you take another tablet and keep repeating till you get up. You cannot take during the day because they make you sleepy. Bertie

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Perhaps I should not have made that cynical comment but is it not true about finding a cure for MS.

Many people use magnesium for stiff and achy legs. In particular magnesium oil.

I use Baclofen and Cloneazepam.


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Gosh that must have been scary. You had an operation this will be a trigger to an exacerbation of your MS. I would not think it will be permanent to be honest. Your body is trying to heal from the operation which will take more then a few weeks, its been assaulted without the MS.

So just rest as much as you can stay hydrated, and I am sure it will soon all settle back down. What were the guidelines for you after your operation?

Just heal and rest, then see how you are in a few weeks.

Just a normal cold can wipe us outs for several weeks.

It was pretty scary if I’m honest but once I had the operation I was ok. I seem 2 be ok from the op but not with legs. They just said no work, heavy lifting or driving for 2 weeks. Iv got 2 young children aged 4 and 10months do don’t want to relapse and want to have fun with them but I’m struggling atm. I don’t feel like my gabapentin is working anymore