Hi everyone quick question regarding steroids that you maybe able to help me with. Is it usual that you get a high dose of 1g through an iv for 5 days the then taken off them completely or do they normally taper the dose and give you some tablets to take following the iv drip?

It can be 3 days or 5 days IV, 1g or 500mg. I don’t know about tapering with pills - I haven’t heard of it anyway, but it might vary around the country.

Karen x

Hi, I was given a really high dose of steroids when I was first dx, I had them for 5 days then stopped, they worked for me with my balance but did make me feel ill after a few days on them, but it was worth it.


My experience was same as Sue’s but I felt really bad for about a week after them, then my vision returned to normal Chis

Hi I was given a high dose for 3 days, then nothing-yet Mike

Hi I’ve got the last day to go tomorrow, certainly not buzzing quite as much but will let you know how get on Sarah

I have had 3-day IV, 5-day IV, and 5-day oral. Each time, it was “finish the course, and that is it”. No tapering.

The big thing is the Omeprazole during and afterward, to avoid the terrible stomach pain/cramp that can follow. one capsule after IV, but daily for two weeks after Oral.