iv Steroids... 5 days??

Just had a phonecall to say they want me to have 5 days of IV steroids at the day case unit… I thought it was usually 3??

How long can I expect to be there each day? About 2 - 3 hours or less im hoping!!

Dont have a date yet


I had IV steroids for 5 days as a day case last October. It varied how long it took - sometimes a couple of hours and sometimes the whole afternoon. Be prepared - I felt terrible couldnt sleep, felt really odd and then crashed when they stopped. Sorted out my ON though so really worth it.


Yeah thats what im having it for… ON… hopefully will help my walking which has gone to pot again

Some docs like 3 days others 5 - varies from unit to unit and doc to doc. I have had five days. Both are cited in the guidance. It is likely to mess with sleep. Steroids always make me feel jumpy like a kid on mega dose of e numbers - so I always had low dose diazepam with steroids to counteract the side effects.

Well, finally its settled that ill be having just 3 days… phew lol 5 days was sounding long!

I had ON in my right eye (my good eye). My left eye is useless so I was virtally blinded. I didn’t notice an improvment until day 4 (after my 4th lot). I started to panic but by the evening of day 5 I could see my phone and which way round to hold it! At night I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest!


It is usually 3 days of 1g or 5 days of 500g.

Just to through a spanner in the works,I had three days of 1g and two of 500g.I forgot to ask why and wish I had.The infusion lasts about 1 hour.

Hope it helps with your symptoms.

Take care,Brenda x