I'm new to this

I’ve had my first infusion of steroids today for my first relapse in 5 years. Never had them before but wondered how long they take to work. I had them through a drip and I have RRMS


welcome firstly.

everyone is different about how they react, if there is any change.

some find drip is better than oral, some dont.

i hope they are successful for you.


hi saramarie

is it a 3 day course?

when i had them they made me feel strong!

but 5 days later i turned into a witch and really was horrible to my husband.

my youngest son told me i was out of order so i sniffed!

my eldest son told me it was “roid rage”

anyway continue with them and i hope you don’t have roid rage

carole x

Welcome. I have had intravenous steroids twice, last year. The first time as was being diagnosed and then a couple of months later. They helped me especially the second batch, they helped me from not being able to stand to be able to manage with frame, then crutches took several days. Then progress was really slow. Still on crutches but a lot better than I was. The steroids affected my appetite because of the horrible taste and not being able to sleep. I didn’t really want people around to talk too. Everyone is different I hope they work for you Barney


The steroids worked for me. I have only had them once but I had a three day course of I V steroids for inretnernuclear opthamalopegia (INO), apologies for the spelling. My double cleared up really quickly, I was still unsteady on my feet for a while but on the whole they worked well for me.

Thank you everyone for your replies. I’m sorry I haven’t replied until now but I’ve had a really horrible time since that post in Feb with my physically abusive X partner who is now locked up for seriously assaulting me 1 day after that post in Feb. I think the steroids had worked well but because of my head injury I don’t know if I’m still suffering with the aftermath of being assaulted. I guess I’ll never know but I haven’t felt normal since Feb. xx