iv steriods

Well tomorrow i go in and have iv steriods. Received a call today at work. Boss wasnt impressed that it was short notice and she is having to find someone to do my early shift (7am).But she has had plenty of time to get used to the idea that when i got the call it would happen.She forgot.All the doctors where are work have supported me,and they were pleased that treatment is starting.

I feel apprehenzive that is happening soon.Not scared,but have a few butterflies in stomach.I have been reading the different posts on here,so i know what to expect, and i wont forget to get the mints.

I let u all know what is going on,and thanks to everyone who has helped me with questions that i have asked.

kim x

good luck kim

you’ll be feeling ever so strong

carole x

Good luck for tomorrow. Steroids are amazing drugs and they will be getting to work right away. Improvement might take a bit of time (and don’t worry if it takes longer than you hope), but it is nice to know that you are taking action to damp down that relapse right away.

May I suggest that you buy yourself a box of Kalms or similar just in case the steroids make you a bit restless at night? They can do that; all the excitement of having the treatment in the first place plus having the cannula in your arm overnight does not make for a peaceful night’s sleep either. Some nice gentle herbal stuff to stop the mind racing can be a useful stand-by.


Oh, and never mind about your boss. She’s a big girl, I am sure, and will get over it!



Back from first session. There was 3 of us having it at the same time.The canula went in fine for me ,but the other two,1 man,another women nearly passed out.I sucked mints all the time i was there,and got told off for not drinking enough water.I didnt get metalic taste,but i feel sick.is this normal?? And was told i couldnt drink booze from today for 6 weeks omg what am i going to do lol… I’ll let u know more later,if im on here and havent fallen asleep