Steroids and ranitidine question

Hi again I’m on day one of a five day course of oral steroids and have been prescribed ranitidine as well. I’ve just realised I have LOADS of these, but have been told to take two a day. Does this mean I should continue taking them after the steroids have finished, or is it the norm just to take them on steroid days? Can’t get through to the hospital pharmacy to check with them! Thank you x

hiya emma

i took different tummy settler during steroids but continued them for 5 days after steroids stopped as advised.


Thank you! I won’t stop taking them straight after the steroids then, but will wait for my nurse to clarify exactly how long I should take them for. I have enough for 30 days which seems a bit excessive! X

When I had a course of oral steroids I had to take omeprazole whilst taking the steroids and for 14 days after as well. Cathy