Oral or IV steroids?

Hi everyone, I am seeing a doc at the hospital tomorrow because I’ve had a flare up of symptoms. i think they are thinking of giving me steroids. I have had oral ones once before but not IV. If I get the choice, should I choose one over another? Which is best?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Am going to watch the answer to this one as I am in the same position! From a nurse point of view, IV should be more effective due to it entering your system quicker!


Personally I prefer IV ones. The oral ones are obviously more convenient, seeing as you can take them from the comfort of your own home. But I find I get less side effects from IV ones, so if I’m able to that’s always the options I go for.

Good luck


Last bad relapse I begged for I.V ones (added bonus, they make me high as a kite) but consultant told me they rarely use them these days (last lot of I.V was 4 yes ago). Had the oral ones, they were hideous AND didn’t work! I know i’m judging on one incident but I’d def. opt for the I.V prednisolone

Thanks for the tips guys, got appointment this afternoon so will see what happens! Think will go for IV if get the choice. I didnt like the oral ones I had a few months back, i was ok whilst on them but felt awful after I stopped them so don’t really wanna have them again! x

I have had the 3 day IV steroids twice during the last 8 months. Although I feel groggy for a few days after, they seem to give a much quicker fix in the long run. However, each time they have also put me on the oral tablets afterwards, gradually reducing the dose so hard to say either way. Good luck and keep us posted xx

Had both. IV as 3-day and 5-day, then oral as 5-day. IV every time!!

With IV, make sure that you get 2 days worth (2 caps) of Omeprazole to take care of the stomach cramps, It is worth asking at the start if the prescription for these has been written - so that there is time to get it sorted if not. I have always (that’s both times) been able to drive home after IV (30 miles). The benefits started to become apparent before the end of the course.

With the oral tabs, watch out for the foul taste (imagine the worst taste you have ever had, and double it). People have different ways of getting over this - which usually involve strong mint sweets of your choice. With the oral course I was given 2 weeks of Omeprazole, (rather than 2 days). That means no alcohol for almost three weeks (if that matters). No wine with my Pasta Puttanesca is a real penalty. The benefit from the oral steroids came, but somewhat slower than the IV treatment.


Hi IV every time Hun, I’ve had both in the last few weeks. I didn’t seem to have any side effects from the IV other than a slight metalicly taste in my mouth. Don’t know if this is the case with everyone, but I didn’t have to stay in hospital, just kept the canular in and attended a ’ hot clinic’ for an hour or so each day. Whereas the oral, yuk yuk, tasted absolutely foul as Geoff said, but also felt lousy, sick, dizzy, terrible indigestion, just horrible in general. Good luck Hun Jo xxx

I.V every time no question about it. They are more effective and kick in faster. The only problem is i find i get a realy bitter tayste in the back of my mouth when i have them but i find cherry menthol or black air waves chewing gum masks it well enough.

Hey guys, well just returned home from hospital and the doc was swaying towards giving me oral ones as he said IV is hassle for me and them! Anyway, because I’ve been feeling sick recently and throwing up, I told him i didnt want oral cos i may just sick them up. So going for IV. Although I can’t start the 3 day course til monday cos they don’t do it on a weekend and it has to be 3 consecutive days. A back to work monday too (am a teacher) so it’s a bit annoying as have been off for 6 weeks when I could have gone in anytime. That’s MS I guess though, unpredictable. x

Hiya Glad you decided on the IV, shame timing is bad, it’s just bloody typical though isn’t it, will work be flexible with you ? Jo xxx

If you are a first-time IV client, the first day will take about 2 1/2 hours, and the second/third day less than 2. If you do not mind people seeing you like it, you can go into work after, with a load of bandage on your wrist covering the cannula (which can stay in place. There should be no technical reason why you should not get a morning or an afternoon doing your normal thing.

If you can arrange it at short notice, arrange to work in the morning, and have the IV in the afternoon - then you can go home and rest. That means only two days of having a big bandage on your wrist,

I did it, but had the IV in the morning, and then went on to the Uni. It’s great, you can get people to help lift, carry, move, etc. Mind you, I have not taught school children, so I have no idea what other problems you could face.


Hi guys,

I went for some bloods this morning (MS Nurse said they needed to check white cell count prior to having steroids). She has booked me in for 11am on mon, tues and wed so it means going into work then to the hospital and then back to work (altho there wont be much school day left by then) Like you said Geoff, they are gonna leave the cannula in. She said I could ask to have it put into the inner elbow instead of back of hand if I want it hidden, but wouldn’t it be uncomfortable having it put in at a joint that bends?

I think work should be fine Josie, I emailed my personnel manager today to let her know but she won’t see the email til monday morning :-s Monday is an inset day anyway so no kids! And on tues we only have yr 7 and 11 in then back to normal weds. So it prob helps that school isnt full on straight away.

I’m petrified about the infusion though. The nurse today told me that I may get insomnia and facial flushing etc so am worried about how I will cope at work next week, not just the days of the infusion but the aftermath too :frowning:

I feel sick with worry.


I would appreciate any positive experiences with steroids, thanks xx