Steroids - which dose is best?

I’ve had three courses of steroids (6 months apart). 50mg Prednisolone for two weeks. First time, like a cure! Foot drop gone, walking much better (for me!). Fatigue much diminished. Lasted three months. Second time, half as good and lasted a month. Third time, only fatigue slightly less for a short time.

NICE recommends a five day course of 500mg methylprednisolone. Would this be more effective?



I had a course of 500mg methylprednisolone for five days.

I never noticed any benefit from taking them.


Whenever I have been on steroids I have had 500mg methylprednisolone for 5 days like Irons above. This have always worked for me. I cant compare to the 50mg as I have never had that dose. I must admit I thought the 500mg dose was the normal level perscribed for a relapse.


A high-dose short blast of steroids is currently in vogue, as you say, for an acute relapse. We can assume that this recommendation is backed up by the available evidence and is therefore the best general approach, all other things being equal.

But general guidelines are no substitute for the judgement of the experienced doctor who knows you and your MS best.


I’m assuming (which I know is dangerous) 500mg is only prescribed with the recommendation of a Neuro Doctor whereas 50mg can be prescribed by GP with out recommendation.

Jan x

Ye my 500mg steroids were prescribed by my Neurologist.

My GP perscribes me the 500mg when I have needed them. But, my neuro gave my GP a sheet of the “do’s and dont’s” for a relapse so he just follows that I think.

When I told my neuro that I had tried 50mg Prednisolone , he told me just to ask my GP for 500mg methylprednisolone next time.

how often can we take steroids?

If i can remember correctly i think its three times a year.