Steroids- which dose is best ?

I’m going to ask GP for steroids. In the past, he has prescribed 14 days of 50mg Prednisolone. Last time I saw neuro, he said he would have prescribed 5 days of 500mg methylprednisolone instead. Seems a lot !

Does anyone know which dose is likely to be best ? When on the 50mg course I tapered the dose for a further week and avoided the ‘crash’. Would I be best to use a taper dose after 5 days of 500mg ? Any advice welcome!

John H

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Yes, John, I would thiink you will need a reducing dose after methylpred. And in my experience of both sort of doses, neither did much for me except to make me rabbit on and on…and on…and on…


My Neuro spoke about steroids when he did a talk on ms and the high dose your Neuro mentioned is right. It sounds over the top but it’s apparently correct in ms sufferers. Just wanted to add that my Neuro specialises in ms and is one of the leading consultants in the field. Hope this reassures you to trust him.