Hi there,

I have just finished a five day prescribed course of steroids called Methylprednisolone, 500mg per day, which is a very high dosage. Has anyone else been prescribed these by their MS consultant, and what if any were the effects?

Regards Steve

Hi Steve, it’s unusual to be prescribed steroids for PPMS as they don’t work… they work well for RRMS.

Have you had a PPMS diagnosis?

I have heard of consultants prescribing them when they are not sure if a patient has RRMS or PPMS, so if they work they can diagnose RRMS and if they don’t, it’s PPMS.

Did you have any improvement at all?

All the best,

Pat xx

Yes i had those they didn’t work just gave me diahorra this was back in 2014.

hi l have been on 2.5ml 4 6 momth now to hrlp keep swellings down just made me put weight on3rd opp ok l think jan

Hi Pat, that’s interesting and explains a lot … but not all! I keep asking the GPs and Neuros whether steroids would be worth trying - As you say, they don’t like prescribing them for ppms … nowadays! I say that as my mum had a regular but periodic supply of prednisolone throughout her time with ppms. It was clear they gave her a boost, but only for a few days, and it was always explained that long term use would weaken her and could have many other negative effects. You can only say what you see (or saw) though, and she seemed to fare a little better taking them, than I do in not taking them!

Is it fair to say that with ppms, you’re not immune to the boost which steroids can offer, but they could weaken you further, when avoiding them and trying other options would not? … if you get my drift!

I’ve probably just given a good example of the well used phrase ‘every case of ms is different’ … even when there s a genetic link!

Best wishes, Chris xx

I had a course of them back in 2013 , they didnt do anything accept give a moon face.

Michelle and Frazer xx