Steph testing things with Stewart

Please ignore

I WONT ignore!

I’m Spartacus

I’m testing the spellchuck now, I see that doesn’t work

i’m spartacus

No … I’m Spartacus

I am what i am,

and what i am needs no excuses

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Cheer up Stewart! soon be christmas

Thanks Blossom, I can almost smell the mistletoe I won’t be kissed under & the chilly air of expectation and disappointment.

Ho ho ho

Sorry to break this up. I’m testing agin

And again…

Where there’s mistletoe Stewart, I am always available for kisses

Just testing direct links now

Am I in the Trust queue? I shouldn’t be in there.

It’s been that way since we got the new Forum but they are working on it so hopefully not much longer.

Jan x

I’m still available for kisses! With or without mistletoe :slight_smile: