hi everyone please could you give me some advice, Iv had a mri on my spine and it’s shown up iv got stenosis on my cervical spine is this classed a a lesion do you know, I’m 5 months into trying to get a diagnosis

Hi Maxine,

Spinal Stenosis is a separate thing to MS or lesions, so not a lesion.

Some useful info here:


Thank you , i would like to know what a lesion is , I don’t really understand what they are looking for, it’s been a long journey :frowning:

A lesion is like a scar on the fatty tissue that surrounds a nerve in your brain or spinal cord, and this damage stops it functioning properly. So the signals between the body and brain don’t travel properly, sort of like a damaged wire.

Stenosis is more like a narrowing of the bone or tissue around the spinal cord (the soft cord that carries all the signals around your body). The cord kind of gets squashed and the signals can’t travel so well, like a squashed wire.

So it sounds like you have spinal stenosis and not MS.

Hope that helps

Thank u for yr reply , I don’t have stenosis my doctor said, but the lady behind receptionist printed of my wrong letter from radiologist, it says I have to have another more in depth mri on my cervical,I take it that’s the same mri again,however in the confidential report it says I have haemangiomas at T4 ,T12 ,L1 and L5 vertebral bodies, is that classed as lesions,sorry for all the questions but I feel like I’m not being told what is actually going on with my own body and don’t understand why the doctors are not telling me this , plus another 9 issues with my back including arthritis and disc problems, and foraminal narrowing :frowning:

any advice would be great fully appreciated on haemangiomas x

Haemangiomas are benign vascular lesions and are not related to ms! They are made up of abnormal red blood cells and have no relation or link to demyelination.

Thank you x

Is is called multiple myeloma abnormal red blood cells do you know xx


It sounds like you are trying to take all sorts of oddments of information, none of which has been explained to you, and attempting to make it form a coherent jigsaw puzzle.

It may be really hard to do, but in the absence of complete information and explanations of what the radiologists and neurologists are seeing, I suspect you’ll have to just trust in them for the present time.

It definitely seems that no one on this forum can explain anything for you since we don’t have all the jigsaw pieces either, nor the knowledge and skill to make the pieces fit together (not to mention the picture on the front of the box!)

Meanwhile, perhaps you should start keeping a diary of what has happened to you and when. Keep notes of what symptoms you’ve had, whether anything improves or if the symptoms just stay the same.

Also, start writing some notes for yourself as regards what you want answers to.

That way, when you get the appointment with the neurologist in which (hopefully) you’ll get explanations of the various scans,and complete results, you’ll be all ready to provide him/her with all the relevant information as to what has happened to you and when, plus have all your questions sorted.

Hopefully your next MRI will be soon and the neurology appointment shortly thereafter.


Your right I’m putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5, so on 3/11/17 I went to a and e for a suspected stroke, I had severe left eye pain and pain on right side of brain, I lost my Balance and even fell over in hospital,my left side of body went numb and I found it hard to swallow,I had awful dizziness, I also lost my speech and couldn’t find my words,my memory is still poor and my balance has not returned back to normal 5 months later, I suffer with chronic pain all over my body burning thighs , leg spasms, and stress seems to make my symptoms worse, I have a list of my symptoms which I have taken to neurologist, my optician said I had had optic neuritis before Xmas but my neurologist is saying it’s not present now, I’m exhausted all the time, I’m just confused because the results I was sent back from my spine mri , are not the same as the one the doctors secretary gave me, they didn’t tell me half the things that showed up , hope this helps