stem cell

I’ve had MS for 18 years. relapsing remitting until 2 years ago - now secondary progressive. I have tried most of the MS meds, from Avonex to Tysabri. I was walking slow to my Tysabri infusions to start and left without being able to walk… I’ve applied to be a part of stem cell studies, but I’m over 50. So I decided to do stems cell in CA [Edited] I will keep you updated on progress.

We’ve got a similar path, I’m 20 years in, have had Avonex to Tysabri and can’t walk either. (I’ve recently been sent an application for insurance for the ‘over 50s’ too!)

Good on you for going for the stem cells. Hoping it’s a reputable centre, the right kind of stem cell treatment, etc.

Definitely keep us informed as to progress.