My brother has aggressive ms

Hi my brother has aggressive ms. He is only 40 and is now in a nursing home. Can’t walk,talk,feed himself. Surely there is something that can help him!!! I have read about about the stem cells but is he to far gone to try this. Any info would be great

hi lymara

was he diagnosed with relapsing remitting ms or primary progressive ms? how long ago was this?

yes, the stem cell treatment requires harvesting the bone marrow which is risky if he is so weak.

what support does he have?

consultant ms specialist, ms nurses etc?

it sounds as though it is palliative care he needs.

so very sorry for you both as my aunt muriel had that sort of ms in the 1960’s.

her decline was so fast but i assumed that it was because there weren’t the treatments then.

sorry i have nothing more to suggest but hopefully someone who does will be along soon.

carole x