starting to let it go


My mate had a Unitrack GPz550 (early chain drive) while I had a Z650 (so cute) But I am really glad that I hung on to my Shoei crash hat which I could use when I went to “the Bike Experience” where they help disabled bikers ride again, Totally brilliant. When I told them my left hand did not work so I can not operate a clutch, they said"no probs we have an automatic" They even put people who can not do anything on to a bike held in place while someone plays with the throttle to share the sound, feel and smell of riding. An amazing bunch of people.


Heck with a Tramper, you are going Places!! I tried one of them at Attingham Park near me. And to store that, you’ll need the room. My de-cluttering has made room for my Trekinetic. I’d attach a pic if I could (actually I’ve tried but I’ve been somewhat squished)

It certainly is. When I was booked for speeding, on a C70 I knew I was a wild child. A.


I think I was the only disabled crew member on my weekend trip. Although my watch leader only had one eye.

When I was young and healthy I crewed on the Sir Winston Churchill a couple of times. It was that first experience on a tall ship that tuned me into sailing of all types. My wife and I had our honeymoon on flotilla holiday in Greece, when I taught her to sail.

There is nothing so relaxing as an empty horizon.


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I’ve got my surfing picture in the front room. Every time I hobble past it to get a cup of tea it makes me smile.

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I can understand how it hurts… I sold my precious Ducati 900 (best bike I ever had) cos I didn’t trust my balance and judgement any more, and Ducatis (being Italian) are terribly high maintenance at the best of times! That was a bit of a blow… but had to be done, and better being ridden and appreciated by someone who knew what they were doing, than mouldering in my garage!