Starting Pregabalin tonight

Hi gang, Went to GP this morning to tell her that neuro had suggested I try Pregabalin… and she had already had letter. Funny I hadn’t had one! Anyway she gave me copy… the word ‘deteriation’ is always a bit shocking to read even though I know things haven’t got any better!

Anyway… I start 25mg tonight, moving slowly up to a suggested 150mg… although neuro writes that I can go up to 600mg daily.

Hoping it helps with pain, sensory stuff and hug.

Told her about recent strange sensations in jaw and she just seemed non-commital. I think they just assume everything is MS (which it might be but maybe not!)

We shall see…

Hope you’re all doing ok. Excuse my rambling…

Pat x

Hi Pat

I hope the tablets make life a bit easier for you, I suppose you will have to give them a little time to see if you have any improvement. Hang in there and take care.


Hi Pat, mm, so doc didn`t react much re jaw pain, eh?

Are you on amitriptyline? I take it for nerve pain and it sure helps.

I take baclofen and quinine for leg spasms and stiffness…I get around 80% relief.

Hope the pregabalin helps.

If the jaw pain sessions keep happening, do you have another GP you could see?

luv POllx

Hi Poll, the problem is it’s not pain at all (not that that’s a problem… but it means that it doesn’t really seem important)… just a very strange feeling of jaw not being attached to me. You know that MS feeling where your leg say is not numb but unless you are looking at it you have no sense of it being there? Well it’s like that only in my jaw and teeth… so feels as if the lower part of my face does not exist unless I touch it. And I think my jaw and gums have got some reduced sensation…

Anyway (rambling again)… I haven’t had the sensation today for first time in couple of weeks and wonder if it’s because I took Pregabalin for first time last night. Who knows. But have to say much less leg and arm pain than usual and feel in particularly calm and happy mood.

Hope it continues…

Pat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx