Starting medication

Hi everyone I am starting DMT after Easter. Neurologist and myself agreed on an injection. Can someone tell me what to expect and what side effects are there?
I’m not too sure if this matters but I have been diagnosed with RRMS that is active.

I will be glad to hear from you.

Bronagh :blush:

Hi Bronagh. Which treatment- drug is that ?

I use Avonex but there are others. Avonex is a weekly injection with an auto injector pen ( if that’s what it’s called). The side effects aren’t too bad. I inject in the evening and don’t feel anything until the next day when basically I can feel a bit rubbish - a bit like when you are recovering from flu or similar. I just take paracetamol and take it easy for the day or sometimes 2 days. Sometimes I experience very little in the way of side effects and other times I feel pretty rubbish for 2 days. I’ve never been able to work out why that is

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Thank you for replying to my message. Yes I believe avonex is under beta interferons with other similar injections. My neurologist chose that ,copaxone and Brabio?!
I haven’t met up with my allocated MS nurse yet to discuss these injections.

That is good to know. It gives me some reassurance!

I am on brabio. In the beginning I got skin reddness and lumps but its a lot better now. I stopped using the auto injector and now manual inject. I warm the injection next to skin for a few minutes too. Been on it since June 23. Last MRI stable. Its just part of my routine now like brushing my teeth.

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Thank you for letting me know how you are doing with your medication. It is rather frightening the unknown at the moment.

I understand totally, it does keep easier. Apart from the skin reaction, I have no other side effects.

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